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Latest Post: Lest we forget the 1980’s

A general synopsis of fashion and clothing/style trends of the decade include big teased hair or spiral perms for women, mullets or more clean-cut styles for men, baggy and oversized tops...

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Who doesn’t like a lily

A girl who likes Lillies - A perfect girl with the heart of a million stars, will always put you before herself and is a huge help to anything in your... Read more


Someone being sexy and sultry - overall attractive and tempting just like me. I love the word saucy.

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Halloween try not to scream

Where will you be on Wednesday 31st of October and what will you be wearing? This is a good reason for some Role Play, although I might have to search... Read more

Wedding Bells

Hi guys not mine although I do like a nice White Wedding a chance to dress up wear a hat and enjoy the party. Long, long ago, a bend on one knee and t... Read more

I have my eye on you

The eyes will tell me all I need to know. The eyes are the windows to the soul” a pretty common metaphor. It’s kind of a weird expression for saying t... Read more

Travelling light

Hi Guys and Girls hope all is well in your life as it is mine. I seem to be travelling a lot just now and I only like to take Cabin luggage and lets f... Read more

Willing and Thrilling

The Thrill Level when appropriate text is rated to determine the Triple X level as follows. S: Steam it up E: Edgy and Wild X: Extreme Kink ... Read more

I have my eye on you

The eyes will tell me all I need to know. The eyes are the windows to the soul” a pretty common metaphor. It’s kind of a weird expression for saying t... Read more

Get a dog

Do you know why Voltron was so successful? Unlike you, it was five people in powerful, colourful, cat-like robots. You can't hope to be anywhere near ... Read more

To wax or not to wax

Hi Guys thoughts on this one, as waxing or not has fans on both sides (ha ha) Some ladies like getting Brazilian bikini waxes. Over the last several y... Read more

Kinky is as Kinky Does

Hi hope everyone is all fit and well to pay me a visit. I am always pleased to see you, young middle aged, or older I love seeing you all especially n... Read more

Opulence why not

Abundance of wealth Having more resources than needed to live in complete luxury opulence, I would like it but can the money bring true happiness? I w... Read more

Just got Nailed

Hi my Lovlies Here's a shocker: Men have opinions when it comes to your nails but we do what we want don’t we?? I believe that people do notice your ... Read more

Busty Lusty Love goddess

Lusty: When someone refers to someone looking hot or looking sexy Lust: It's that sexual arousability you get when you glance someone extremely attrac... Read more

Drooling in the Boudoir

Stilettos during sex is guaranteed to turn most men on. Most men expressed an enthusiastic (drooling) response to the mention of high heels in bed. Wh... Read more

Doing my thing (Yoga)

Hi guys hope you are all fit and healthy as I am. To do my job its good to be able to be flexible and have some imagination. I particularly like some... Read more

Get Mouthy

Hi you naughty lot hope all is well with you. The mouth and vagina and yes I am talking about the 69. Our mouths/Lips they come in all shapes and size... Read more

Sexy Eye Contact

How many of you remember the song Sexy Eyes by Dr Hook. Apparently its all in the eyes they are the window to the soul Blue Brown Green Grey Violet (w... Read more

Good Vibrations

As the taboo of talking about sex diminishes year by year, sex literacy grow and grows. However, for every term like safe word, prostate massage or po... Read more

Curves do not mean Fat

Curvy women young or mature. Anthropologists have long known about the virtues of curves. Countless cross-cultural studies have shown that men prefer ... Read more

The Boudoir an erotic spot

Hi guys hope things are well with you, stress I can take that away with just a visit with me in my sexy Boudoir a sensuous haven.

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Enjoying life

Hi To all the Randy boys and to the ones who are not get with it, visit me . As I have got older i feel sexier then ever , When I was young I was c... Read more

Sex on the Beach

Hi ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Flaming June (still waiting for it) ever wondered why this hot weather brings out sexual feelings for men and some ... Read more

A splash of Red

Hi Guys hope you enjoyed the Bonk holiday I certainly did. I love bright colours and for a change I thought i would buy some blue lingerie so when you... Read more

Time will tell

This year for my birthday I would like a new watch as my old one has a worn out leather strap not befitting for me.

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Squiggly Cells

Sperm are little squiggly cells that fly out of your helmet during any form of sex or masturbation due to rapid muscle contractions. Sperm can fertili... Read more

Tasty Treats

Hi you movers and shakers lets boogy on down and have some fun. I am always up for a little bit of the other or a lot of the other depending on how en... Read more

Virginal White

Hi Guys hope all is well with you randy lot. I bought some new underwear and it is white a colour I usually do not go for. There are times when white ... Read more

Go Commando

Hi hope everyone is fit and well to pay me a visit. I am always pleased to see you, young middle aged, or older I love you seeing you all. I had a cal... Read more

So many things to do with Chocoate

Hi Chocoholics, there are so many things to do with Chocoate all of them good my favourite is? You guessed it eating it. The Latin name for chocoholic... Read more

Femme Fatale

An extremely mysterious intelligent, attractive and seductive woman who has a tendency to use men in many ways either for sex, money, help, attention,... Read more

Sexual Surprises

One of the most important things of sexual surprises is being totally unpredictable, it never looks the same way twice. It never feels the same way tw... Read more

Tie and Tease I aim to please

Welcome to my naughty clients and welcome to the clients that want to be naughty let us begin. If you like tie and Tease I am your lady. He wants to d... Read more

Courtesan a Status Symbol

Courtesans were never short on lovers. Though many of them also had other professions, mainly in the theatres or dance halls, they did not need to wor... Read more

Sex Mad/Nymphomania

Mainly females; never satisfied even after the greatest shag Marathon ever, they are still gagging for it. Man: goodnight baby that was so good N... Read more

Pleasing and Teasing

Now, don’t be ashamed for being a lusty milf it’s really is great thing. I believe having a heightened sex drive is a surefire sign of mental wellness... Read more

When is Kinky not Kinky

The state of which one has sexual urges which are not of the normal shaggity kind Not just whipped cream and cherries, although food fetishists will d... Read more

It is that time again

Hi my lovely Valentine Lovers I am ready to receive my cards and flowers. choccies would be nice we could always use them for other things beside eati... Read more

My first experience as an Escort

I will never forget my first client. My first time was with a 43 year old married man in town on business. I was excited but unsure, it was like going... Read more

Let the Camera roll Photography in the Boudoir

Hi my lovely Gentlemen. Hope you are all well. Regarding my new photos Boudoir photography encompasses a range of styles and moods. Named categories o... Read more

Wax Jobs

Not talking about a man here although there is nothing wrong with a handsome Brazilian Male. What is it about the Brazilian a Man likes (not all men) ... Read more


Being a Mature Escort I love everything about seduction. If you rush things, you can miss the best part. Seduction is all about savouring.

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MILF’S Thats Me

Sometimes I am asked the meaning of MILF it Mother’s I would like to fuck. A sexually attractive older woman, typically one who has children. The defi... Read more

New Years Resolutions why??

Who cares about resolutions. Happy New Year it is that time again you sexy devils hows it hanging after all the festivities Christmas and New Year. I ... Read more

New Year Shenanigans

Hi you Randy lot hope your Xmas went with a bang ( crackers) or other bangy things. Wishing you all a bonking Happy New Year.

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The Christmas Pantomime

Hi my lovely clients roasted your chestnuts yet? There is still time. I love Christmas the atmosphere, stuffing (Turkey) Nuts Balls Bells all remind m... Read more

Blow Jobs Men simply CANNOT resist.

Most of my sex life, I have wondered why men like blow jobs so much. It can be a subject of great contention for some women. My clients have told me o... Read more

Potty Mouth

Hi Guys and Girls when I was young and I said a naughty word i.e bum willie, my Mum would tell me off and call me potty mouth imagine if she heard the... Read more

Sensually erotic

Something that is sexually arousing, sensuous The main difference between erotic and erotica seems to be that erotic is closer to fine art and of a ... Read more


Sorry Guys just a short note to say I am away on holiday will miss you all as much as you will miss me (and that must be a lot.) Picture of my holiday... Read more

Sexy Boudoir Belle

Hi Guys and Gals my offering this week is the Boudoir. some people do not deem it important but I think it is, the colours the material (the sex toys)... Read more

Stockings and socks

Stocking fetishists usually find sexual partners clothed in sheer nylon or silk stockings to be sexually stimulating, or find the act of a person donn... Read more

Leopard print is back

Hi Guys as far as I am concerned it never went out of fashion I love it and I know many of my clients do, so.. Everything You Need To Know About Weari... Read more

Aphrodite Goddess of Love

A sex Goddesses Lingerie can be in the form of bras, panties (including various forms such as thongs, g-strings, etc stockings, teddies, suspenders , ... Read more

My favourite Aphrodisiac

A food, animal part, or other symbolic object known to cause extreme sexual drive. Word derived from Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexual rapture... Read more

Hannah Snell (1723-1792)

I have had such a good time in Worcester I thought I would celebrate one of it's famous ladies Hannah Snell Born: 23rd April 1723 at 25 Friar Street, ... Read more


Good Day to you my lovely clients, well what has your favourite escort got to tell you today its something I do not know much about and do not partake... Read more

The Virtue of curves

Anthropologists have long known about the virtues of curves. Countless cross-cultural studies have shown that men prefer a low hip-to-waist ratio, no ... Read more

Kinky Boots

Hi you randy lot hows it swinging? As the weather is changing my thoughts go to the kinky boots that men love and I love wearing them so off to the s... Read more

Naughty Cocktails

Hi sinners and winners hope your weekend went well, still the weather is hot and plenty of reasons to get down and dirty so lets get on with it. I do ... Read more

I love my Bra

B-reast R-aising A-pparatusSome one who supports me a good friend my Bra Diminutive form of the more archaic brassiere. A woman's undergarment to sup... Read more

Smell is an Aphrodisiac

I love my clients and I know some of them just by the cologne they wear I smell it before they get in the door and want to devour them sexually before... Read more

Sex Appeal

OK, we’re not all born beautiful. But there are actually more ingredients in the mix of what makes a person sexually, or interpersonally, appealing, a... Read more

Cool Sex for Hot Weather

When the mercury rises at the height of the hottest season, (and other things) it’s fair to say that sometimes summer lovin’ can be a sweaty wet exper... Read more

The Magic of exercise

The act of ridding the body of fat via physical movement. Usually done when people realize that quick fixes like pills, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers,e... Read more

Viagra for Ladies

Before I became an Escort (the best thing I ever did)You know what would have made my life a bit easier during those dark years when my then boyfriend... Read more

Household Goodies

It is not always the toy store that has all the sexual implements I have a few household items that I use and I would like to share them with you of c... Read more

Dildo or Vibrator pretty much the same.

What you use when your cucumber gets old and saggy? Men's worst enemy! What is a Dildo? Simply speaking, a dildo is any sex toy that is used for ins... Read more

YOGA For your Sex Life

A Humorous take on Yoga. I actually love Yoga not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely mine It makes me feel sexually alive all through my body f... Read more


An anti ageing tip for you randy lot having sex just twice a week for a year ( Eek I hope it is more than that) will burn off the equivalent of seven ... Read more

How to Look Sexy Without Looking Slutty

We always hear men want a good woman by their side, but you guys always seam to go for the slutty ones just because they dress more provocative.... Read more

Sex is the cure

Forget health clinics and gyms. Sex is the best cure. One good night of sex and your problems are gone, but there is always room for improvement... Read more

Mens secret fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies, and that’s a good thing they can take regular ol' sexinto straight up OMG amazing territory.... Read more

The difference between sex and love

There are many differences between sexand love. There is something so sensual and beautiful when two people have chemistry together. But that isn't al... Read more

Body Language, Sexy Signals, Shoes!

Pay attention to what women are telling you. This goes for both verbal and nonverbal cues. Look at her eyes is she looking at you excitedly?... Read more

Why Men say they love Oral Sex

For a man there is absolutely nothing to equal the ecstasy of a woman sucking and licking his penis a supremely sexy gesture a woman can perform .... Read more

Multiple Orgasms

For the men in our lives SURE ways of giving a woman multiple orgasms and becoming our sex gods!

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The Male Brain

Unlike women, the AVERAGE male is predominantly a visual creature and is stimulated by the sight of beautiful images. For instance, a woman in a short... Read more