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A splash of Red

Hi Guys hope you enjoyed the Bonk holiday I certainly did. I love bright colours and for a change I thought i would buy some blue lingerie so when you visit i hope you like it as much as I do. What does it mean if you like blue underwear my friend explained.

A splash of Red

These studies provided empirical evidence that the "lady in red" is a sexually appealing image for men. But what about what women like? Are women just as intrigued by a "gentlemen in red?" Unlike the image of a woman in red, there are few references in pop culture of a man dressed in red. This anecdotal evidence suggests that when men wear red, it may not bring to mind the idea of sex in the way that it does when worn by women.

Red is typically associated with sex and Lust YES PLEASE then does wearing red make a woman sexier? I HOPE SO If you take a look at our movies, the answer would seem to be an unequivocal YES Remember the scene from the first Matrix movie, where Neo is distracted during a simulation by the beautiful woman in the red dress? Or how about the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts, dressed in a sexy red dress, is given a ruby and diamond necklace? I WANT ONE Or who can forget the scene from American Beauty, where red rose petals ra

Clearly, men think red makes women sexy, Men were shown a photograph of a moderately attractive woman and asked them to rate her attractivness. For some, the woman in the photo was wearing a red shirt. For others, the same woman was wearing a blue shirt. The results showed that men rated the woman in red as more attractive and more sexually desirable than the same woman in blue. They were also more interested in dating the woman and indicated they would be willing to spend more money on her when she was dressed in Red FINE BY ME bring it on.

Wear sexy underwear even if no one is going to see it.

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