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Body Language, Sexy Signals, Shoes!

Pay attention to what women are telling you. This goes for both verbal and nonverbal cues. Look at her eyes is she looking at you excitedly?

Body Language, Sexy Signals, Shoes!

Look at her body language is she leaning in? Listen to her words is she asking you where you live, or whether you have roommates, or how far away your place is? These are all signs she wants you to move things forward, fast.

Female body language Shoe Signals

It is estimated that women worldwide spend billions on fashion related footwear per annum. It could be much more! A pair of Manolo Blahniks can easily cost more than 

£300 a pair. A one off pair of designer Gucci Shoes is even more Hand made shoes by London designer Jimmy Choo are alleged to be priced by negotiation only. A pair of regular retail boots sell for more than £400. The 43 billion dollar question is why? The answer lies in sexual attraction.  UK footwear, brands and retailers continue to turn to imports to supply the UK’s ladies seemingly insatiable appetite for shoes.


When a woman rests her hands on a man’s shoulders or neck and then raises one leg then be sure that it’s going to get seriously hot. It claims that it allows the woman to feel slightly unbalanced but the truth is that this body language gesture remains something of a mystery. Still, it is a very common signal and often done when a women kisses a man. Movie producers love this gesture and so do men. In a sense the urgency and passion of the moment is literally lifting the women off her feet. 


When a woman uses one foot to rub the ankle of her other leg she has either just been bitten by an insect or is feeling aroused and attracted by a man that she is with. For the signal to be truly representative of her feelings, the foot should be moving slowly up and down the ankle. It works best when sitting and the legs are relaxed but is not uncommon when a woman is standing by a bar and has already engaged in an interaction with a nearby man. As a signal it indicates a sexualdesire to be touched and allows the woman to draw attention to her legs.


This signal generally indicates sincere sexual interest. If the context is non sexualand the toe is tapped it can indicate irritation. However, it is also suggesting attraction. The foot with the raised heel is slid across the floor and the woman’sbody leans forward. It is a precursor to the kiss me position and accentuates the length of her legs, her femininity sexiness and desire. Woman adopting this stance when they are clearly on their own are definitely indicating their desire to be approached. It’s a suggestion of things to come YES PLEASE!!


When a woman crosses her legs and then slips her one foot behind her ankle thus locking her legs, she is either saying I’m on the defensive' or she is using the tension of her thighs to put pressure on her vagina. It’s a little know fact that many women can use this position to stimulate themselves to orgasm. Some believe that entwined legs indicate the woman’s desire to become entwined with the man with whom she is communicating. If the legs are positioned forward then this is a positive signal but if the legs are tucked backwards then this indicates reluctance.


This is a strong but subtle message to a man. Translated it says By half slipping off my shoe I’m indicating that I am relaxed, comfortable and may be willing to undress further. It is particularly powerful when the toes are flexed thus moving the shoe to attract attention. This is a precursor to the kicked free signal where the shoes are removed completely. Why is this such a strong signal? Well, for many men (even those that won’t admit it), the female foot is strangely attractive. Women worldwide spend Billions of Dollars on footwear and pedicures and they do it for a reason!

Women, more than men, use the shoes they wear to communicate a message, how they’re worn and the postures that women use. Although they have subtly different meanings, the postures and signals all have one thing in common they are intended to make the woman and sexy appear as desirable as possible. What is a fact is that shoe signals are real and for the women reading this they definitely do work.