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Cool Sex for Hot Weather

When the mercury rises at the height of the hottest season, (and other things) it’s fair to say that sometimes summer lovin’ can be a sweaty wet experience some clients like that, for those that do not I have ways to cool us down don’t let the weather spoil our fun check out some ways I can keep you cool during steamy summer sex.

Cool Sex for Hot Weather

Arousing fragrances, scented candles, rose petals, mood lighting, all these things are great for getting in the mood but, as dull as it sounds we have to get the temperature right, I am not saying crank the AC up to arctic levels unless of course Eskimo kisses are your thing (rubbing noses) but a well-prepared and comfortable environment will help and chill us both out for some welcome relief in more ways than one.

Fire and Ice
The contrast between hot and cold is one of the body’s deepest sensations, so a mouth full of ice cream, frozen yogurt or chilled wine or champagne provides the ideal cold shock to all your hottest places just make sure the sheets are such that a little bit of mess won’t matter!

Shower Off that Sweat
After having so much fun playing with food in the bedroom, there’s no better way to get cleaned up than by enjoying an intimate shower together. Again setting the temperature just right there is a heatwave, lukewarm is a better idea than freezing cold because your skin will warm up in the chill. While we are getting wet and wild, why not try a waterproof massager into the equation? we will both be well on the way to the dirtiest kind of clean in no time.

Get Over It
If all else fails you know what we will just embrace the sweat! Use it, slip and slide in, around and all over each other like a pair of slippery things in a slidey place. It’s not gross, it’s not weird, it’s awesome.

Ice cream works for me in more ways than one its erotic watching someone lick an Ice Cream

Always a pleasure Khloe xxx