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Good Day to you my lovely clients, well what has your favourite escort got to tell you today its something I do not know much about and do not partake in.


A client of mine visited me last week we had a bit of hanky panky and rumpy pumpy (I love these old fashioned sayings). We had a small discussion about dogging, he was into it, me a Mature Escort being a bit naive about dogging listened intently to the history of dogging (I am still not interested in dogging)

Dogging actually derives from the term ‘walking the dog’. It is a pastime that has evolved from blokes taking their dogs for walks and stumbling across couples at it in bushes etc. They originally only spied on these couples. In the act of dogging, there are participants who are actively dogging, and others, the watchers, who are observing what is going on, and who sometimes get involved too.

Dogging Where one lurks in the bushes and peeps at unsuspecting folks having relations in their vehicle; often while enjoying oneself carnally or being asked to join in (if they see you in the bushes).

I’m just taking the dog out for a walk love”

“Okay, don’t be 5 hours this time, and try not to get so muddy”

Dogging Having sex with more than one person in a public place, often with at least one stranger, and usually with others watching. (Hence a more or less spontaneous meeting point between “exhibitionists” and “voyeurs”.) Good for spreading the DNA around. The word comes from the idea of dogs “doing it” in the open air with whoever else they happen to bump into. Also includes the sense of dogs wandering around in groups in search of something interesting to sniff ….Woof Woof

Khloe your favourite Milf always a pleasure xx