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Doing my thing (Yoga)

Hi guys hope you are all fit and healthy as I am. To do my job its good to be able to be flexible and have some imagination.

I particularly like some of the Yoga moves and some have sexy overtures, no 69 is not a Yoga move (I am sure you would like it to be)

Doing my thing (Yoga)

The down dog is a position most people know especially the males.

A leg lift (don’t go there).

The Bridge is one of my favourites as it is good for the pelvic floor and as I have been told the tighter we can make our Pelvic floor the better the sex can be.

Hip Flexor good when you do a strip tease.

All in all exercise (any) is good for you get your Yoga pants on or off whatever takes your fancy

Khloe happy to down dog with you xx