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Enjoying life

Hi To all the Randy boys and to the ones who are not get with it, visit me .

As I have got older i feel sexier then ever , When I was young I was consumed with my body hang ups and pleasing the guy to actually enjoy sex. Now i am a fully fledged MILF (enjoying every minute of it) I am more confident and having the best time sexually in my life.

Enjoying life

I love it no ties trying new things in the Boudoir and out. They say youth is wasted on the young and it seems to be true.

I love my body now and enjoying being a MILF started noticing MILFs everywhere! At the park, at the movies, at the market. Beautiful women, hot women and I noticed all of the men checking them out.

They wore everything from cardigans to sweats; jeans to suits. Some were models of fitness, others were new mothers with swollen breasts straining against their cotton T’s. They came in all shapes and sizes but I noticed they all had one thing in common: they weren’t “hot” despite their children they were “hot” because of them. It was precisely their roles as mothers that thrust into sharp relief their confidence, pride and age defying beauty. Their strong sense of self made them more complicated, more captivating, and infinitely more intriguing creatures. These women didn’t disappear behind their families they stood out. They were whole women, not girls and they looked really f---ing great!

There is no denying it, being a MILF is a badge of honor. And you know what? I am going wear that badge proudly.