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Get Mouthy

Hi you naughty lot hope all is well with you. The mouth and vagina and yes I am talking about the 69. Our mouths/Lips they come in all shapes and sizes and they can be a fetish or obsession for some. Karma is like 69 you get what you give.

Get Mouthy

There's only one number that is guaranteed to make prepubescent boys laugh, even though he's not entirely sure what it's referring to and that number is obviously 69. Hell, even adult men still laugh at it. It's just got a certain ring to it. Really stands the tests of time. But aside from the humorous side of it, sexually speaking, sixty-nining is quite the fun activity, and literally every man on this planet will attest to that. But they may not necessarily enjoy it for all the reasons you're probably assuming.

Possibly the most awkward number ever, due to its sexual meaning.

In public the number 69 is either avoided or smirked at

  • Mum: Honey, how much does that can of tuna cost?
  • Offspring: Six- er, seventy cents.
  • Math teacher: The homework tonight is on page 69 to 71.
  • (Students giggle)

"Khloe A meal for two with a hairy view Number 69 xx