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Good Vibrations

As the taboo of talking about sex diminishes year by year, sex literacy grow and grows. However, for every term like safe word, prostate massage or polyamory that becomes mainstream, our history of using euphemisms to talk about sex is not so easily shaken off.

Good Vibrations

Even in instances where we might use blunt wording, we may not use it in exactly the correct way, such as the use of ‘vagina’ to refer to the vulva as opposed to what it actually is.( that is another story).

What is a Dildo?

Simply speaking, a dildo is any sex toy that is used for insertion; be that vaginally, anally, or orally speaking. The word dildo has a fascinating history, and it seems only every few months that archaeologists unearth a distinctly phallic-shaped artifact from ancient civilisations, they do come in quite a range, from glass to stainless steel.

What makes a dildo a dildois not necessarily that is shaped like a penis (in fact, a trip to any sex toy shop today will show you the great range of shapes both semi-realistic and fantastical that are on the market), or whether it’s used for masturbation, pegging or otherwise used as a strap on with two women; rather the general consensus of what makes a dildo is not all the things it does do but what it can’t!! vibrate.

What is a Vibrator?

Whether you believe the story of Cleopatra having the first vibrator created for her out of clay with bees trapped inside or not, it cannot be argued that the invention of the vibrator did a lot for women in terms of unlocking sexual satisfaction. After all, with a fair amount of women (I am not one of them) requiring clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, a dildo that you insert clearly wasn’t going to do it.

And that’s where today you find all manner of handheld vibrators and vibrating bullets that are meant to be use externally.

Oh I have broke my vibrator can I use you

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