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I love my Bra

  • B-reast
  • R-aising
  • A-pparatus

Some one who supports me a good friend my Bra

Diminutive form of the more archaic brassiere. A woman's undergarment to support the breasts. An over shoulder boulder holder. An upper decker flopper stopper.

I love my Bra

Bra A barrier known to all men, that is almost the only thing between you and the Males hands the holy mounds known as BOOBS

Oh, Bra Nothing feels better than at the end of a work day, reaching back under my shirt, snapping that bra undone, and whipping it free through my sleeves. and then flinging it across the room. Still, though bras can be a huge pain, wearing bras is actually good for you. Despite how amazing it feels to go braless, there are countless reasons why you should be thanking you bra instead of condemning it to your laundry basket after a long day.

Ancient Greek women wore a form of bra called an apodesme. Women also wore a band of cloth or leather around their chest called a strophium or mamilare.

The strapless bra was introduced in the late 1930s but they did not become until the 1950s. Meanwhile in 1942 Ida Rosenthal invented a bra strap that allowed the straps to be adjusted. A man named Frederick Mellinger invented the padded bra in 1947. The push up bra was introduced in 1948. The wonderbra was invented in Canada in 1963. The first sports bra was introduced in 1977.

Bras at a tittie bar are almost as useless as beer at an AA meeting

You are welcome to come and check out my Bra on or off

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