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Leopard print is back

Hi Guys as far as I am concerned it never went out of fashion I love it and I know many of my clients do, so.. Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Leopard Print

Leopard print is back

Attract attention and exude power, ferocity, independence, sophistication, sensuality and sometimes outright debauchery.

This, as far as I’m concerned, can only be a good thing: leopard print is sexy it always has been, always will be, and no amount of brassy barmaid baiting will convince me otherwise.

The question is, why do we love this animal print so much? Sure, there are tons of other fashion trends and styles that hit the racks every season. Yet, no matter how the haute couture wheels turn, we can’t seem to turn our eyes away from this eye catching pattern. Leopard Print varies in colour, size, and the shapes of the spots. All of those details help contribute to making it a trashy or classy leopard print depending on your mood!! You will guess the mood when you see what I am wearing, its all good. They say a Leopard never changes his spots why would you want him to.

The shoes and other items of leopard print will never go out of style. How do I know this? Because this style of shoe has been worn by every fashionable person, in every fashionable place, in any fashionable situation and don’t forget my Boudoir. Some of my clients love Leopard print and some have requested me always to wear it on their visits some like classy and some like trashy some like my attire more off than on. What will yours be??


Khloe The purrfect feline Meow xx