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Multiple Orgasms

For the men in our lives SURE ways of giving a woman multiple orgasms and becoming our sex gods!

Multiple Orgasms

Orgasm is the climax of sexual excitement, consisting of intense muscle tightening around the genital area experienced as a pleasurable wave of tingling sensations through parts of the body. It is that wonderful feeling that makes a woman talk in tongues, swear by heavens to love a man forever, call upon her mother like she is in pain, with some talking unintelligible phrases and screaming. Some Squirt! Now imagine that feeling over and over again. Driving a woman crazy! A man who can give a woman an orgasm is obviously a great man, now we wish to give our women multiple of that feeling until they worship us as sex gods! Follow me.


This is a major prerequisite into giving a women multiple orgasms. Make them extremely aroused to a point of losing their selves completely before penetrating her.  Spend a substantial amount of time on foreplay alone. Be innovative with foreplay. Kiss them all over from their face to the legs, and do not  forget to kiss her__honey pot__ along the way. Suck them all over until their skin is tingling with desire and breasts are throbbing with  desire to be sucked! Suck them until the back arches with passion. Caress her all over. Try being innovative with caresses, you can take something smooth and soft like a feather, silk, cotton, etc and use it to tickle the skin until it radiates with desire. You can also smear erotic zones with something sweet like honey, chocolate and lick it, and as you do it, arouse them with your lips and mouth! Also talk passion from whispers to audible words this will send imaginations wild! 


There is a lot into having sex than just dipping your penis into her honey pot and screwing until you cum! During penetration, learn the art of screwing your woman until she loses all herself for you to give her pleasure. Vary shallow penetrations, to semi deep to deep penetration. Vary the angle of entry, gyrate and twist your hips such that your penis strikes different parts of the vagina which will give different sensations during sex. Vary speed of pumping from being very slow to very fast. Rise slowly until you are almost outside, then push in very slowly taking time to reach the depth of the honey pot. Back off very fast, come in very slowly back of very slowly then penetrate very fast etc. Hold your penis with your fingers and rotate it inside her pressing up, down, left, right etc. Also hold it and draw patterns on the labia and this also creates different sensations. Do kegels while deep inside this will make your penis swell, harden, "soften", etc and this is also going to make them feel lots of pleasure which might keep blowing them from one orgasm to another. It will also help you last long enough to see the ladies get wild due to what you are doing to her! Give it to me Baby!!


This is the epicenter of woman's orgasms, and sexual pleasure. The clitoris is packed with so many nerves which can drive a woman wild when stimulated well. When pumping, one of your hands should be stimulating the clitoris. Vary intensity of stimulations by very gentle touches to firmer touches. The clitoris can get very sensitive during sex such that the woman does not wish to be touched there. Also with some positions like girl on top, push her harder into you such that your pubic bone stimulates the clitoris and vulvas. Guide her to slide and glide on you such that the areas receives maximum stimulation during sex. You can place your finger under the clitoris and vulvas to enhance the feelings. She can also vary angle of sliding and gliding by bending upwards, or sideways so that the clitoris receives different stimulations. For more daring men, you can withdraw for some time, suck the clitoris then re penetrate. This will have pushed her to a higher level of arousal She might scream! YAHOO!!! YES YES YES


There is power in what you tell during sex. Talk erotic talks, dirty talks, etc depending on level of intimacy and comfort. Whisper so close to the ears such that the air flow from your mouth caresses the neck and ears, which in turn arouses her more. Keep telling them something passionate during the entire sexual session, and keep the conversation flowing. Even if they do not respond, the body will! YOU BET IT WILL.


Edging and peaking is the practice where a man holds his orgasm ejaculation for as long as possible. This is achieved by when  you feel you are about to ejaculate, stop pumping, breath in deeply, hold your breath while pressing your tongue on the upper part of your mouth, then do a kegel or several kegels. This will prevent you from ejaculating but will push your arousal as a man to a higher level. Your penis may lose some erection but when it regains, it is even harder than before and more aroused. The variations of hardness, firmness, and stiffness of an erection during edging is what will stimulate the woman with such intensity such that she will just have one orgasm after another. Besides, edging also gives the man such a powerful orgasm it might make a man hysterical during ejaculation. It also gives men multiplorgasms! Edging on both partners gives out of this world orgasms. Cannot wait!!

It takes 237 muscles to fake an orgasam but only 15 to say it is called a clitoris and its right here. 

Now go and give some orgasms Yo!! You have been warned no excuses. xx