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New Year Shenanigans

Hi you Randy lot hope your Xmas went with a bang ( crackers) or other bangy things. Wishing you all a bonking Happy New Year.

New Year Shenanigans

It shouldn't be a big effort figuring out where to spend New Year's eve in Northampton. Every where there are parties be it DJ leds extravaganzas into the early hours or more low key gathering tailor made to being up close and personal with your fondest friends when the clock strikes twelve. Call me.

NYE carries on long after the misty eyed emotion of midnight. Whether you're carrying on the fun at an afterparty or picking the main event that hurtles well into the early hours, we've got everything you need right here. Bring it on.

Why not stay in a Hotel some are cheaper than a Taxi Home, plenty of hotels to choose from the choice is yours. If you are just visiting or new to the area call me I can recommend a Hotel for you or come with you I do like a party.

The best is yet to come no pun intended.

Khloe always a pleasure xxx