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Sensually erotic

Something that is sexually arousing, sensuous

The main difference between erotic and erotica seems to be that erotic is closer to fine art and of a romantic nature while erotica can be seen as crass and degrading. Something that sparks sexual feelings and urges to get down, all meaning something that gets you horny. Some men see strippers because they are erotic

Sensually erotic


Sexually arousing literature below proceed with caution

First, I’m going to tease you. I’m going to taunt you as I see fit, making you thirst for my naked body more and more with every passing second. I’m going to smile like the naughty lady I am, lick my lips and look into your eyes in a way that screams, Fuck me now, I am going to make you wait, let you get rock hard as you stare at me, imagining all the things you want to do to me in bed. fantasising about tearing off my clothes nibbling on my flesh, licking my nipples, fondling my breasts and fucking me in all your Favourite positions, making you wonder just a little, whether or not you will actually get laid.

Only once you have reached the pinnacle of horniness, I am going to grab your crotch and massage your cock through your pants slipping my hand behind your waistline while I jerk you off before whispering, take me to bed. With one swoop of my arms, I will strip off my dress, revealing the fact that I am NOT wearing panties. I am NOT going to help you undress.

As you clamber about trying to kick off your trousers and unbutton your shirt, I am going to stand there, fingering myself, and let you drool at my curves, aching to smack my ass and finger my pussy and bury your face in my perfect tits. Then push you onto the bed, forcing you to recline.

I wonder how many guys have jerked off to my erotica so far

Khloe Erotic and Exotic always a pleasure xx