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Sex Appeal

OK, we’re not all born beautiful. But there are actually more ingredients in the mix of what makes a person sexually, or interpersonally, appealing, and being physically attractive is only one of the key ingredients, the rest is already in you.

Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal is a funny thing you either you have it or you don’t. It is something you cannot make no matter how you try.

An attractive and magnetic sexual presence a person possesses which makes them sexually alluring to the opposite sex. Marilyn Monroe was thought to have great sex appeal by the alluring way she walked, her graceful mannerisms and her sweet, yet sensuous voice. sexy appeal beautiful and alluring.

A person or object's ability to incite sexual arousal in a human being, male or female. Typically attributed by people of one gender to another person of the opposite gender, this term can be expanded to include a variety of different objects in an endless variety of ways.

Sex appeal is 50% what you have got and 50% what people think you have got

I don’t try to be a sex bomb I am one visit me and find out.

Khloe Always a pleasure xx