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Sex is the cure

Forget health clinics and gyms. Sex is the best cure. One good night of sex and your problems are gone, but there is always room for improvement

Sex is the cure

Learn something new every day even escorts can learn new things. 

Stare at each other for one minute, do it only with your eyes. So set a timer and start staring. If it does not last for exactly one excruciating minute, it does not count. This can be used as foreplay, or if your feeling ambitious, the main event.

Have sex in a closet. 
Any closet will do, but for added levels of sexiness, use one that is not in your own home and not full of electrical equipment.

Videotape yourself having sex.
You do not necessarily have to watch the tape after your done, but knowing that the lens is watching is kind of a sexy turn-on.

Sex Do it on a desk.
You must prepare for this by getting dressed up in your nicest outfits. Now take off only your underwear, and have at it on the desk. Sit your man down in a desk chair, with his legs spread out comfortably in front of him and his feet on the floor. Standing between his legs with your back to him, lower yourself down onto his lap. Once he is inside you, lean forward and stretch out your arms until they reach the desktop. Lift your feet up, suspending them in the air. He grabs your hips tightly and thrusts in small circles while you keep your legs together.

Have your man go down on you in the kitchen.

Great food is like great sex.  The more you have the more you want.

It is the best place to have a guy show off his alleged sex ”superpowers," because if he is not good at it, you can just turn around, open the fridge, and have a snack. Boom! Night salvaged. Sometimes it is great to head to bed and make love in the conventional way. Other times, you may find yourself in the mood to engage in something a little different or even spontaneous. Well, welcome to your sexykitchen, where there is a wealth of sexual scenarios just waiting to be had. From the counter to the stove, you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, by getting both your meals at the same time. So cook up some dinner and prepare yourself for a sexy dessert unlike any other.

Sex in the shower.
Do not change positions too fast. Having sex in the shower is meant to be exciting, not comfy. Just like a quickie, it’s something that will give you a sexual high but not the cozy warmth of your bed. Enjoy the sexual high, but avoid constantly changing positions. Stick with one unless one of you get a cramp or feel uncomfortable. Don’t fidget around or move about a lot. Pick a position and spend a few minutes at it in the shower. You will enjoy having sex in the shower a lot more this way. Try too many things and you’ll kill the mood. 

You know what they say, conserve water and shower with a friend or friends