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Sex on the Beach

Hi ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Flaming June (still waiting for it) ever wondered why this hot weather brings out sexual feelings for men and some women is it the feeling of the warmth on your skin or is it you are a randy lot!!

Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach can of course be a very popular drink but I am not talking about refreshments although a visit with me would be very refreshing are you thirsty? Try me for a really refreshing time.

It can also be session of masturbation in which the "user" employs sunscreen lotion as a means of lubrication, leaving all lights on and turning the heating up to 84 degrees.

What makes us more sexual in the hot weather Hot summer sun, less clothing, and more sex. While some argue that summer sex is the absolute worst, an Illicit Encounters study conducted earlier this year found that 62 percent of people say that sex during the summer months was actually their favourite. I'm pretty partial to it, myself. So, many people obviously love getting it on when the weather’s hot. But have you ever wondered why your sex drive increases during the summer? I like it All seasons.

You are most welcome any month of the year Winter can be sexual too trying to keep warm you don’t need an electric Blanket with me.

Khloe always available for a glass or two. Xx