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An anti ageing tip for you randy lot having sex just twice a week for a year ( Eek I hope it is more than that) will burn off the equivalent of seven hefty pasta dinners (must be a helluva lot of Pasta) and that doesn’t even address the love muscle-toning that occurs.


Okay, so run on a treadmill in a sweaty gym? Or tear up the sheets in a sweaty bed? WHY ? It is simple just have more sex with me Khloe Yes Please I hear you say.

The Ultimate Sex Diet for a sexually active person confirms that sex is a great exercise and the more exercise you do in general, the better your sex life will be, three to four one-hour workouts per week helped men achieve steadier, more satisfying sex sessions and men who worked out vigorously for twenty to thirty minutes several times a week reduced their risk of erection problems by half. This is what I like to hear.

I discovered that women’s genital blood flow after watching an X-rated film was much greater after exercising (sex) than it was without the workout. So essentially, the more you exercise, the more sex you have, and the more sex you have, the more exercise you are getting. Join with me Khloe in a session

Squats are like sex the deeper you go the better it is

Khloe for the ultimate work out xxx