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Squiggly Cells

Sperm are little squiggly cells that fly out of your helmet during any form of sex or masturbation due to rapid muscle contractions. Sperm can fertilise the womans egg making a foetus that is born as a "baby

Sperm The little white substance that puts you into 18 years of child support SERIOUSLY guys wear a F*ing condom

Squiggly Cells

Little white skinned members of a great barbarian tribe that live in a huge village known as Epididymis. These barbarians, after falling victim to an "earthquake", go on a great quest to find The Great Orb(the female's egg). They pillage every village along the way, fight random soldiers, and carry on their normal routine until they find what they're looking for. Eventually these little devils l find the orb in question and it selects the greatest warrior out of all 10 million of them. It then rips that warrior apart, uses his DNA, and kills all if his friends with a huge wave of random acid.

And yes that warrior that was selected was you. So anytime you feel bad or feel low just remember that you were the greatest once.

Sperm is composed of protein and sugar of course but also a lot of other vitamins and minerals, vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc. The exact amounts vary depending on age, weight, diet and exercise. Total fluid amount, probably about a teaspoonful so probably it’s never going to become a viable diet fad. That said there are some positive effects. It is anti aging so get some it works.

Despite the myriad of different minerals and vitamins, the actual amounts are so small that any dietory value is tiny. In the end we all just have to admit in the right situation it can just taste yummy and stop trying to justify our personal predelictions in other ways. Life is a journey enjoy the ride.

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