Khloe, Northampton Escort

Call: 07800 994616

Tasty Treats

Hi you movers and shakers lets boogy on down and have some fun. I am always up for a little bit of the other or a lot of the other depending on how energetic you are feeling.

Tasty Treats

Catering for most tastes and I sure do have clients with various likes and dislikes I do myself although not many. it is good to have variety and know I will always try to cater to your needs.

But there is ONE problem with being a horny Mature Escort Sometimes, I just get so EXCITED by naked bodies and supple flesh and moans and textures, and oh my, I’m getting wildly aroused just thinking about it! So, sometimes I go in for the kill a little too quickly. Who can blame me? Sex is overwhelming

Khloe always wet and willing xx