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The Christmas Pantomime

Hi my lovely clients roasted your chestnuts yet? There is still time. I love Christmas the atmosphere, stuffing (Turkey) Nuts Balls Bells all remind me of sexual things am I alone in this assumption I think not.

The Christmas Pantomime

Pantomime first came to Britain in the 18th century from the 'commedia dell'arte', the Italian tradition of improvised theatre. The stories of the commedia dell'arte had many 'stock' characters in them such as clowns and jesters and a 'baddie'. Traditional plots got mixed up with fairy stories, folk tales, or tales from the Arabian Nights stories, and gradually evolved into the dozen or so familiar stories of the panto repertoire that are still used today.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, pantomimes were changed quite a lot by the popularity of the music-hall entertainments. The stars of the day, comedians and music hall artistes, sometimes changed the plot an awful lot, just so they could do their own normal routines! Nowadays pop stars and television personalities continue this tradition, all turning up in panto, but the stories are not often changed too much.

Pantomime is now a popular family entertainment. The audience has to work almost as hard as the performers, whether it be joining in the songs, assisting in conjuring tricks, booing the villain and warning the hero with 'He's behind you!' (Oh err missus) or cheering them on!

The Pantomime reminds me a bit like Role Play me being Cinderella as I get to go to the ball and sleep with the Prince after a lot of toing and froing and the glass slippers do we know of a fetish for Glass Slippers I think not

All over the world, families and friends give presents to each other. Oh I cannot wait for mine the thing is he Santa does not bring presents to naughty girls, shall I lie or just hope he does not know as I have been very naughty but nice.

Khloe It is the season to be naughty xxx