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The Male Brain

Unlike women, the AVERAGE male is predominantly a visual creature and is stimulated by the sight of beautiful images. For instance, a woman in a short skirt, sexy, black stockings, and 3 inch heels will quite literally drive a man sexuallyinsane.

The Male Brain

The AVERAGE woman is much more turned on by physical touch, and often times soft, caressing subtle touch. To a man touch is of course nice, but none oral foreplay is not cared for at all by most men. So, it is very important to understand just how much of a visual creature man is when you want to blow his mind and be a Sexual goddess.

The Body Image

Women know the power that lingerie has over men, and we like to wear it for our own pleasure as well. Being visually oriented sexual creatures, men are often wildly turned on by the image of a woman in lingerie. And, when your significant other fantasizes about you it will rarely start with you being already nude. His fantasy will most often be a vision of you in his his favorite lingerie.

A lot of the reason why this is the case has to do with what lingerie does to the female body to make it so sexually stimulating to men. Your favorite sexy bra or bustier with lift your breasts emphasizing symmetrical cleavage that makes men extremely horny. A perfect pair of lace underwear will accentuate the curves in your butt, and make him wish he was grabbing it as soon as he catches a glimpse of you. These are such powerful images because the male mind is sexually turned on by circles or spheres, and so it is these images that make men literally salivate. Keep this in mind when you are choosing your lingerie for foreplay. Choose whatever creates the most symmetrical circles on your butt and breasts, because these are the images that drive him insane with pleasure.

Emphasizing Your Lingerie 

As mentioned above, when men fantasize about you, it will begin with you clothed in his favorite lingerie. That is why it is very important to ask him, “Do you like this bra, is it your favorite?” and “Do you like these garters belts and stockings, do you like this color?” You want to probe his mind to find out exactly what turns him into an obsessed mad man who drifts into ecstasy the second he imagines you.

Express your Sexuality Often and Powerfully

In multiple sexual surveys, it has been discovered that men crave sexuallydominant women. This does not men that your man is your sex slave or some other odd fetish lifestyle. This just means that you should assert your sexuality and not always let him initiate dirty talk or nudity. Men like it when their woman starts recalling an amazing sex story. They like when you grab them randomly or initiate a kiss. And they love it when you give them a brief flash of the breast, crotch or butt as a very effective tease.

Men desire these open, proud displays of sexuality the most in their women. Very few men love a totally sexually passive female partner. Even if men like it in the beginning of a relationship, it soon gets boring and they start looking elsewhere for their thrills. Stimulating him away from home is a must Many women are very effective at teasing their man mentally in the home when they are together, but they fail to keep the stimulation going all day long when their man is at work. This is a big mistake, especially when men have female coworkers around them all day.

You must use e-mail and cell phones to your advantage and drive him crazy. Make sure that all your communications with these methods are encrypted, especially pictures. It is relativity easy to set up some basic encryption on your photographs that is not at all difficult to set up. Beyond that, your sexual communications with your lover are not matters of national security, so relax and send him pictures often and make sure they are hot. Don't think that you need to dress up in a new outfit each day to send him some sexy images. Just the thought of you caring enough about him to send him anything is enough to get most men addicted to you. Save his favourite high heels and garters for special communications. Just taking random photographs of you biting your lip or you smirking are great for men. Phone calls are a bit more difficult to pull of, because often there are awkward pauses, and laughing often interferes with the message. E-mails and instant messaging, however, are very effective at getting your man to worship you and your dirty talk. Make them short, sweet, and very sexually vivid.