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Time will tell

This year for my birthday I would like a new watch as my old one has a worn out leather strap not befitting for me.

Time will tell

Today I am going watch shopping apparently you can tell a person whether it be a man or a woman by their watch (this is only one of the items) I will of course time myself to see how long it takes to please me with the ideal watch for me.

The Ladies

There are many adjectives used to describe ladies’ watches, but sexy is not really one that gets a lot of mileage. However, there are a couple of brands determined to let their models come out of the boudoir clad in lace, fishnet stockings and corsets, to show the world that, yes, ladies’ watches can mix glamour and sex appeal just as well as Dita von Teese.


Wearing a watch is a great way to accessorise an outfit and express your personal style. Whether you have a wood watch or a watch made of diamonds, you can garner a ton of attention with this simple add-on. Watches come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so you’ll certainly be able to find one to match every mood and outfit.

The Man

Personal style and how a man carries himself can make a strong first impression and lend to a man’s overall ethos. Take one look at him and you can assess him by some key aspects: His clothes, his haircut, the way he walks and then there’s his wristwatch. A wristwatch is a powerful tool that not only provides the wearer with the ability to tell time (hopefully with great accuracy), but it also communicates a personal sense of style.

I return from my watch shop day without a new watch the ones I liked were out of my Price Range but the watch I have is a racy little number been with me for a long time.

The only reason for time is so that everything does not happen at once.

Khloe always time for you. Xxxx