Khloe, Northampton Escort

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Travelling light

Hi Guys and Girls hope all is well in your life as it is mine. I seem to be travelling a lot just now and I only like to take Cabin luggage and lets face it you cannot actually get all a ladies necessary pleasures in

Travelling light

but I try hard, but it ain’t going to happen, I have never quite made it, there is always the shoes and god forbid if I don’t take the handbag to match

You could always become a Mile High Club Member and join the mile high club if one gets bored on the flight Mile high meaning having sex in an in-flight Airplane, technically while at least a mile above the ground

Mile High Club Half Member

Wanking on a plane, usually in the plane lavatory. Like The mile high club but far easier to attain and much more shameful.

Khloe The best journey takes you home xx