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YOGA For your Sex Life

A Humorous take on Yoga. I actually love Yoga not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely mine It makes me feel sexually alive all through my body from my head to the tips of my toes and various erogenous zones between come and help me find them.

YOGA For your Sex Life

One of the most powerful and quintessential forms of exercise that requires intense mental concentration. When practiced correctly and concentrating on breathing, yoga increases flexibility, muscle definition, endurance, and mental clarity. Yoga is not for the physically or mentally weak. Anyone who downplays the effectiveness of yoga or says anything negative about it should be mercilessly beaten.

I do yoga for the following reasons: it increases my flexibility so I can do wierd shit and not get injured in sports, it increases my endurance, it increases my definition (it's how I got a six pack), and I think it's hot and you will too when I practice my downward Dog don’t ask you will be shown.

Yoga is a bunch of sacred excersises that enhance the body and keep it fit. This has been proven scientifically and by the many yogis in India who practice Yoga and Meditation. Only Unbelievers would really hate it. Yoga is good for the soul.

  • The indian traditional exercises to keep you fit, healthy, hot and sexy.
  • Just do it 15 min. In morning or evening.
  • This can help heal your body or injury.
  • A meditational exercise involving tying oneself up in knots resembling those found in pretzels.


  • code word used at work when you're throwing a party on a work night.
  • mike: "hey, stan! you wanna do yoga tonight?!"
  • stan: "yeah, man! I will bring the yoga mats, you bring the incense!"

Looking forward to the downward dog open to ideas.

Khloe always a pleasure xx