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Super Pussies

Hi all ever been to Japan? no me neither but my friend went so listen up and I will tell you the story.

My friend joined a dating agency she was a bit lonely and wanted to meet someone although in my mind dating agencies are not the best place but for some it works.

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Secretarial skills

Welcome once again I hope you are finding my Blogs interesting I certainly enjoy writing them for you but first a little snippet from a magazine I was reading.

Once upon a time, women wore panties that actually covered their rears. I know, it’s shocking, isn’t it?

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Waterproof Sheet

Hi Friends and companions how is it going, hope you are having fun. We all have our ups and downs but life goes on and on and on I enjoy every minute. I was reminiscing the other day regarding a client, when I first became a companion/escort I was called out to a house for some fun (I call it fun).

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Tea for Two

Hi fans of all sexes hope life is treating you well and you are at least trying to behave although that is boring at times, come and visit me I assure you our time together will not be boring, I am always open to suggestions.

I have a friend (female) who was feeling rather down so I suggested an afternoon Tea in a nice up market hotel Where else would you go?

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Fitness for fun with Khloe

Welcome guys hows it hanging in this warm and sometimes wet weather. I would like to make it clear I am not a doctor or a nurse I am a fitness instructor in bedroom aerobics with more than normal knowledge of sexual fitness, I know what has worked for me and I would like to make it work for you (and I will).

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Spring Feaver or Beaver Fever

HI Sun Worshipers hope you enjoyed the sunshine but how quickly it changes to rain , it is as if that sunshine never happened but those who did not take care of their skin and suffered sun burn know that it really really did happen.

When the weather is hot apparently men feel sexier than usual (really)!! I thought most men feel or want sex all the time.

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Bonk Holiday

Hi guys hope you are enjoying my blogs and you are all ok, perhaps getting ready for some holiday time coming up. We all love our holidays wherever they may be but we have such a job deciding what to wear. Decisions decisions. Wearing the Bikini now means I have to have a Brazilian but that is for another blog.

What is the origin of a bank holiday?

The term 'bank holiday' can be interpreted very literally, with banks closing on these days, postponing any financial dealings until the next day. The Bank Holiday Act ensured no penalties were incurred for these delays.

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Bouncy Bouncy

Hi Guys and Gals my offering this week is the boudoir some people do not deem it important but I think it is, the colours the material (the sex toys) need I say more, lets hit the Boudoir. Great sex begins in the mind if you create sexiness and passion in your head you will soon find the real thing in or on your bed and who would not like some of that.

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Good time girls

HI all you folk out there enjoying this lovely weather? People are happier and sexier when the sun shines.  My friend and I thought we would enjoy a picnic in the park as not to miss out on this lovely weather so it was bikinis on picnic basket packed...

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Keep young and beautiful, and sexy

Yes that old saying keep young and beautiful If you want to be loved. Hope everyone is as well as can be just stay safe

How many times have we been told Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, keep young and beautiful if you want to be loved and you cannot judge a book by its cover!! All things I have been told when I was younger but are still true. I love a day at the beauty salon I missed out a word SEXY!!

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