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Its all in your head

Hi you randy lot come on down and hit my spot and I will certainly do something orgasmic to yours!!!

I am sure we all know there are many ways to drive a man wild, I have in my time invented endless variations on the theme in the end it is your sensuous mind that is the best source of sexy new turn ons and exotic man pleasers, so keep that cerebral sex muscle (the brain) well exercised and vital.

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Hot and Juicy Foreplay

Hi Fans hope all is well hope we are all enjoying living on the wild side of life!!

Most men are very nervous about foreplay. They vaguely understand that they so not spend enough time with it but are uncertain as to how to remedy the situation.

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Trip to Llandudno

Hi all how are you all up and ready for action,

It was my friends birthday last week and she booked for four of us girlies at a hotel in LLUNDUDNO (I know why there) it was her birthday so be it!

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Happy Easter now it is all over for another year. Did you stuff your faces full of chocolate or did you have other things to stuff in!! Hope things are going well for you all, come and see me I love your visits.

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Bonkers for Easter

Hi every bunny. Bonking and chocolate what a combination eat the chocolate bonk the calories away!! looking forward to your bonk holiday make it a good one, we do love a good old bonking I do too.

I have been invited to a Bunny Girl Party (I love getting dressed up) Role play of which I am very good at.

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passionate encounter

Hi all friends and companions I am sure you all liked to be touched in special places meaning your body. I was day dreaming the other day about the past and some of my experiences some I remember some not, thought I would share one of them with you, I am sure you have some memories to share too.

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Tease and Please

Hi all you teasers it can be fun! Hope you are all ok and living life on the wild side if not why not.

The act of lightly dragging one's scrotum across your partners face before intercourse.

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Pillow Talk

Hi my lovely friends companions fans how is it going, I had a lovely evening last week with a very good friend of mine a bit of pillow talk. What is that some will ask so let me explain below. 

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You can touch me there

Hi my fans, who likes touching? if you feel like touching, visit me I will show you the art of touch you will love it so lets get touched.

You have seen it a million times and probably not even realised what it was you were seeing. What am I referring to? Self touch.

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Coffee Time

Hi all my fans future and past hope all is well with you.

My friend loves coffee and her boyfriend owns a coffee shop I am rather partial to coffee myself, he was having a coffee tasting in his shop various coffees around the world (there are many)

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