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Nipples good enough to eat

Hi you lustful lovers how is it going after the New Year? Hope to see you sometime soon to hear all your debaucherous times (if you had any) if not better luck next time. You know you can!!

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Headaches and hangovers

Hope you are all making good use of the New Year. I would Just like to thank you for your patronage and the gifts from my lovely friends Don’t forget I am here for you in 2022 and beyond

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Happy 2022

Hi all my Festive friends, I hope you all enjoyed Christmas as much as I did. I love New Years Eve and hopefully I will be out and about to cheer the New Year in. Hope you may join me if you are around It’s best not to mention too much of the events that have happened this year and look forward to happier times. See you in 2021 I look forward to some naughty New Year Stories on my return

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Naughty Santa

Merry Christmas Gays and Gals hope it is as good one that we can possibly make it. No matter what I always look forward to Christmas. Naughty songs at Christmas by some famous stars, look them up they are rude and dirty just how you like them. (No worse than rugby songs)!!

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Xmas start it with a bang!

Guys and Gals are you all ready for Christmas? I have managed to be prepared this year under the circumstances so lets all pull a cracker on Christmas Day so it starts the day with a bang!!

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Hi you sexy devils how are your horny bits I would like to see them sometime.

While this weather is so bad at the moment I decided to bring my exercise gear (fitness Ball) to work to get into shape for Xmas so I can eat all my chocolate penises I usually get given, Yummy.

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Toga, yes or no?

Hi everyone all is well for the moment I thought you might like to hear about the Toga party I was invited to. It was great fun.

Although it is true that, during the very early part of Roman history, the toga was indeed worn by both men and women alike, by the time of the second century B.C., the toga was reserved specifically for men.

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An extra pair of hands

Hi threesome lovers hope you are staying safe in many ways so we can all be normal again (whatever that means I have forgotten) but lets get together and have some fun we need it and I want it!! When it comes to sex, some people think two's company, three's a crowd. Others would revise that to say three's an experience so incredible, they'd tell their grandkids about it one day if that were remotely appropriate.

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Doing it my way

HI all you kinky devils you know who you are and I would like to know who you are lets have some fun. Kinky competitor to air bnb Renting out dungeons

There's no shortage of Raunchy stories from Airbnb users who've rented out their abodes, only to discover they've been destroyed by coke-snorting, hard-partying Group sex enthusiasts, but what if you're looking to kick up the kink and find a change of scenery without destroying someone's apartment in the process?

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Horsey Horsey

Hi guys hope you are all well and enjoying your sexual adventures whatever they may be!! I don’t know if many of you go horse riding and get turned on by a lady in Jodhpurs and black boots with or without a whip in hand .

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