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Holiday Pleasures

Hi Sex Toy users do you take your sex toys on holiday or are you happy with a crab claw on the end of your Penis (I am sure you are) and if your partner misbehaves you can always bury him in the sand for a short while although he may like the sensation for a bit longer.

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Click Click

Hi my lovely Gentlemen. Hope you are all well and ready for a visit to my boudoir I will be waiting to show you around, me and the boudoir. 

I love that sound of the Camera clicking away as I pose for my photos I just love having new pics and I am sure you love seeing them!! 

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Facial Hair

Hi hairy and none hairy friends hope you are all well and safe. This isolation and lockdowns  are or was causing a lot of facial hair bodily ones too. What is it with Beards these days I know they were trendy but where ever you go in the world there are beards of all lengths and bushyness my favourite The Silver Fox.

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Smutty Dirty Talk

Hi all you dirty talkers  hope you are staying safe.  Want to have a conversation with me bring it on I love it.  

Dirty talk.  Talking with another person, describing mutual sexual activity, with the aim of causing sexual arousal a way or to get someone totally hot and bothered. It works.

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Ice Cube Queen

Hi everyone how are we doing in this heat getting naked at home, of course we do not want you to get arrested!! 

I awoke this morning with a really dry mouth (don’t ask) of course all I wanted was a cold drink, was that to much to expect??

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Cheap Thrills

Hi my friends plenty of thrills with me,  not cheap but exciting.  Hope you are all ready to visit for some thrills,  perhaps you have some for me if so they better be good

Old-Fashioned Cheap Thrills

  • Put on some lacy lingerie. ...
  • Get wet and wild in the shower. ...
  • Flirt with the shaggy-haired barista. ...
  • Start a guilty pleasure book club.

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Shackles and tentacles

Hi  You randy lot  hope your feeling hot hot hot and of course horny.   I am not a dominatrix as such but I can perform / play out certain fantasies one of the most popular thing I am requested to carry out is tie and tease and things related to being tied down and I am more than willing to carry out this fantasy.   

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Hi lovers of life hope you are raring to go or come and have some fun be spontaneous and enjoy.  

My friend rang me yesterday to go out to the beach although I was busy but I said yes without thinking (being spontaneous).  I grabbed my bikini and sun screen (very important) wrinkles are not my friend!!

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Roman Fetish

Hi everyone all is well for the moment I thought you might like to hear about the Toga party I was invited to. It was great fun. Although it is true that, during the very early part of Roman history, the toga was indeed worn by both men and women alike, by the time of the second century B.C., the toga was reserved specifically for men.

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A Dilemma, which one?

i sex bombs and sex machines hope your life is getting better and better if not pay me a visit see how I can make it better (I have ideas).  Variety is the spice of life so they say and I think that is true, we do not want to live a Ground Hog day after day so lets get down and dirty!! 

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