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Happy Easter

Hi All


No great insights or rambling this week, just a very Happy Easter to you all

Khloe x

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Foxy to Cougar

Hi all you Foxes and Vixens hope you are all happy and staying safe,  should I not go there!  But you can come here and visit me always ready for some pleasure at your leisure. 

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Dangler party.  A public gathering for penises.   Not what you are thinking, all will be revealed.  Hi you sexy studs hope you are keeping safe and saving all your love for me!!  

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Scrubbers R us

Hi Peeps hows it going stiff upper lip, could be a stiff something else but a stiff upper lip will do for now!!  Hope you are staying safe as I look forward to sharing some stories with you.  

I thought  as the weather is changeable at the moment I would sort out my closet especially my drawers!!  A bit of House work of course.

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Be a boudoir babe

Hi companions and friends hope you are all staying safe I must say I miss you all.  Things can only get better and soon!!

Hope you are all well and ready for a visit to my boudoir I will be waiting to show you around me and the boudoir.

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Pin up Girls

Hi all you lads and lasses who like the pin up girls!!  Hope you are all staying safe so we can all have fun once again.

I was invited  to go with a companion of mine (client) to a fancy dress ball but the ladies (ME) had to dress as a pin up girl and I was happy to oblige. 

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Lusty Valentine Lovers

Who’s excited about Valentines Day?!  (Me of course) Yes, I just said excited. But if you would like to add some sexual pizazz to your Valentines holiday, then you, my dear Lusty Lovers  keep on reading.

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Edgy and Dangerous

If you enjoy the danger and thrill associated with public play, vibrating panties are the top of the line method to get your rocks off, just about anywhere!

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Bring on the pheromones

Hi Guys and Gals how goes it with you all? it would go better with a visit I am  always here for you, so come and get it when you can and there is plenty to get so don’t be shy  Stay safe.

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The light has to be right

Hi Guys  hope all you ravers are staying safe and not getting too stressed  if so come along for my special massage and turn the frown upside down. 

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