Escort Khloe Northampton Bouncy Bouncy
Bouncy Bouncy

Hi Guys and Gals my offering this week is the boudoir some people do not deem it important but I think it is, the colours the material (the sex toys) need I say more, lets hit the Boudoir. Great sex begins in the mind if you create sexiness and passion in your head you will soon find the real thing in or on your bed and who would not like some of that.

Build your oasis by starting with a comfortable mattress, very important invest in a decent bed not a creaky old `bang bang against the wall (although the neighbours may get turned on) buy good sheets, a great duvet, and super fabulous pillows that make you want to spend more time under the covers or even on top. Replace harsh lighting with soft lights that have dimmers so he can see how sexy I look and I can see how sexy he looks, you can get sensual effects by just changing your light bulb Red Pink or Blue.

Get in the habit of turning on your favorite soothing music as soon as you enter the boudoir I like to arouse a mans senses sometimes with scented candles and of course my silky skin.

Oh the Mirror don’t forget the mirror best at the foot of the bed or wherever you feel like watching yourselves having fun.

The side effects of my Boudoir, heart palpitations sweaty palms damp underwear having a good time and a real happy ending, sounds good trust me it will be.

Is memory foam OK for sex?

Yes, you can absolutely have GREAT sex on a memory foam mattress. While memory foam isn't as bouncy as other mattress materials, theres a ton of benefits of opting for a memory foam mattress for sex.

Khloe: Always a pleasure check out the mattress, see you in the Boudoir lets get bouncing x