Escort Khloe Northampton Bring on the pheromones
Bring on the pheromones

Hi Guys and Gals how goes it with you all? it would go better with a visit I am  always here for you, so come and get it when you can and there is plenty to get so don’t be shy  Stay safe.

mells,  some good some bad, a client of mine loved the smell of dirty under wear especially the panties the smellier the better, he always booked in advance as he said the smellier was the thing that turned him on. Reminds me of a story I once read about a Sultan who had a Hareem (as they do) and he had a favourite lady but she was older than all the beauties around him, so what was her secret? She would insert her fingers into her vagina and dab behind her ears the aroma from her vagina which turned the sultan on, so there you go ladies go get your man. My client liked this too so its tried and tested!!    The answer is pheromones

Khloe where my pheromones are unique drop by for a sample xx