Escort Khloe Northampton Doing it my way
Doing it my way

HI all you kinky devils you know who you are and I would like to know who you are lets have some fun. Kinky competitor to air bnb Renting out dungeons

There's no shortage of Raunchy stories from Airbnb users who've rented out their abodes, only to discover they've been destroyed by coke-snorting, hard-partying Group sex enthusiasts, but what if you're looking to kick up the kink and find a change of scenery without destroying someone's apartment in the process?

What if you need to rent, like, you know, a sex dungeon? Then maybe check out Kink airbnb.

It is clear that there was a serious need for a kink-friendly space before KinkBNB came along even though a love of whips and chains is perhaps more common than we think. Indeed, a study released indicated that more people than we think (nearly half of those surveyed, in fact!) are kinky little freaks who enjoy things like voyeurism and fetishism and masochism.


Where any form of sexual activities occur. At one extreme this is a spare room in a house containing some vaguely dungeony artefacts like plastic handcuffs where a consensual couple may Role play or S&M when they are in the mood for some minor kink.

The other extreme is an actual dungeon in the dark, dank bowels of an actual castle where individuals are held permanently against their will and forced to perform Unspeakable acts

KHLOE: Beware the smiling Dungeon Mistress There is the right way the wrong way but you will do it my way