Escort Khloe Northampton Fitness for fun with Khloe
Fitness for fun with Khloe

Welcome guys hows it hanging in this warm and sometimes wet weather. I would like to make it clear I am not a doctor or a nurse I am a fitness instructor in bedroom aerobics with more than normal knowledge of sexual fitness, I know what has worked for me and I would like to make it work for you (and I will).

Bedroom Aerobics with a Mature escort, sounds good and it is, just as you dress appropriately for the gym I dress appropriately for the boudoir. No trainers and leggings for this lady, Stilettos and black nylon stockings accompanied with the sexy Suspender belt and I know this turns my clients on but of course not all, I did have a client with a fetish for tights with holes in the gusset area he liked to rip them off and I mean rip. I quite enjoyed it myself. I was a bit sad when I did not see him again (any takers)? Most of us do miss our clients.

There are many things we can try in the sex fitness bedroom aerobics area please let me know any particular thing out of the ordinary I am willing to try. Adventure not Dementia in all aspects of life. Call me and we can discuss a favourite or new position you might like to indulge together, with your favourite fitness Instructor. I have a fit ball it’s fun.

Khloe: Come and get it and fit what more could you want xx