Escort Khloe Northampton Get Down and Dirty
Get Down and Dirty

To be overly aggressive in physical activities.

Getting it on; having sex; getting down to business;

To begin foreplay, sex…

Usually in association with cutting all the stupid games and getting straight onto some physical action.

“C’mon baby, let’s get down!”

Hi you Randy Ravers I bet you love a bit of Penis thrusting as I do, so come on down let’s do it get down and dirty.

The sublimely simple act of Penis thrusting is the most primitive, the most magical of all types of sexual play, an ecstasy like no other. Yet many of us allow this wonderful act to become a repetitious bore (Not with me) Many men (not all) simply pump up and down till they have an orgasm and just want to roll over and snore (sounds familiar). Many woman (not me) Just lie motionless until he is finished. I enjoy being part of the action!!

I am an inventive ardent lover and I love to bring excitement to the boudoir.

Great Fucking is an art which I know all about. It takes practice imagination and passion. I will never just lie back expecting you to do all the work It’s not just a one man show. Come on down lets do some thrusting.

Khloe I love to get down and dirty and a little bit flirty xx