Escort Khloe Northampton Good time girls
Good time girls

HI all you folk out there enjoying this lovely weather? People are happier and sexier when the sun shines.  My friend and I thought we would enjoy a picnic in the park as not to miss out on this lovely weather so it was bikinis on picnic basket packed...

packed with treats and refreshments (champagne) how often does this happen, we are usually working but we ladies need time to recoup and build up our strength and boy do we need too.

While we were sitting there we were being eyed up by two rather cute men one was muscle and rather sexy I like Muscle he was very forward but fun, his friend was rather shy but fun too. As they were about to leave after eating nearly all our food (they did leave the champagne) they invited us to an event at their local club, we were more than willing to go and have a good time because we are basically good time girls.

They sent a car around to pick us up (my friend was staying overnight) you would not believe this club it was out of this world as the evening came to a close we were invited to his room the friend said he was tired and left but muscle man wanted a threesome we obliged, his room was so sexy, as he was. We stayed the night and were taken home in the morning. We never saw or heard from them again but we have memories and they are better than dreams

Khloe: Girls just what to have fun especially with boys, get wet and wild x