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Hi guys hope you are all well and enjoying your sexual adventures whatever they may be!! I don’t know if many of you go horse riding and get turned on by a lady in Jodhpurs and black boots with or without a whip in hand .

A friend of mine loves to go horse riding and there seems a lot of males love ladies in Jodhpurs and I wondered naively why. There are a lot of erotic possibilities in equestrian culture: tack, apparel, whips, and riding itself does it for some men and women. Possibly fewer women, and rather more men, than is generally known.

To have a good "seat" when horse riding requires a rider to have as close contact with the horse as possible. The combination of wearing tight jodhpurs, contact with the saddle and the natural movement of the horse is exhilarating in itself. For women and men riding astride the saddle certainly stimulates certain parts of the body, so I have been told, makes sense!! 

My friends thoughts I have been to riding stables with friends and there is sometimes an air of sexuality present. I have often wondered if the riding ladies get off by riding but thought: naw, I just have a depraved mind. Is this some unspoken thing that really is the backdrop of many women riders? Also, there is something so so provocative about jodhpurs! Do women realize how good they look in jodhpurs?

Yes, many women get sexual stimulation from riding horses. The large majority of horse riders are women actually. I will be going with my friend to find out about the orgasmic side of horse riding, I will let you know!!

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