Escort Khloe Northampton I can see you
I can see you

Hi Guys and Gals hope you are staying safe.  Looking forward to normal!!

Hitting the town at the weekend with a friend, I was approached with my friend's dilemma: glasses or no glasses? Without glasses, she was aware she couldn't see

However, she believed that with them perched on her nose, she wouldn't attract men, (how could that be  she was with me  and I do attract men glasses or no glasses).   Most dilemmas are best solved through compromise, so I suggested a combination: glasses til the prey was in her sights followed by the specs being secreted in my bag, it worked, she is now happily married and they both wear glasses. 

Glasses fetishism describes an attraction or arousal towards people wearing prescription eyewear or sunglasses, or in some cases, the act of wearing spectacles. Occasionally, even the glasses themselves as a stand-alone object are fetishised. While it is not technically a paraphilia, rare, extreme forms of this fetish verge on parphiliac.

I had a client who used to bring glasses for me to wear I had to lay on the bed naked with these thick black rimmed glasses on, he stood at the end of the bed naked mastrubating, when he was about to come I had to sit up while he ejeculated on the glasses,  good as that stuff stings.  

While the glasses themselves can be a turn on for some, fetishists cite a variety of sources for arousal including:  watching women struggle - either with losing their glasses or adjusting to a new pair.  Spectacles slipping down the nose. The cleaning of smudged lenses.

Why do I wear glasses sometimes,  my eyes are so beautiful they have to  be kept behind glass as in a show case!!! 

Khloe I have specs appeal  come and see xx