Escort Khloe Northampton It’s all about Glamour
It’s all about Glamour

Merry Christmas hope it went well for you.  Stay safe see you soon.

Thank you my loyal friends for giving me a Merry Christmas and I hope  I gave you one (I did for the lucky few)  

Any time is a good time to receive lingerie, it is is a wonderful gift, lingerie is never always about him. It’s sometimes about you.” Here are my reasons to rock the sexy knickers. I am sure when a Man buys Lingerie it is about you.  Thank you for your kindness. 


  • A kind of clothing that is more expensive when less material is used.
  • Clothes that are put on with the whole purpose and intention of taking off.

She put on the lingerie hoping to appear enticing, though any guy at the party would have had rather seen her appear au nautural.

Wearing something sexy makes me feel sexy. That’s great in and of itself, but feeling sexy also improves,  my clients love it too! Although some randy clients do not even look just want to take your clothes off as quick as possible, that is not a reason not to wear it.

Khloe  I wear fabulous underwear even if no one is going to see it,  you are invited to a viewing  xx