Escort Khloe Northampton Limited Edition
Limited Edition

Hi my lovely followers hope everyone is ok and safe miss you and hope we get back to normal whatever normal is these days. Normal is nothing but a word made up by society


What is normal: An adjective used by boring people to make themselves feel better. The worst thing you could ever be.

What is normal: It seems as though the weirder you are, the more you fit in so that means that weird is normal. If weird is normal, then that means that if you are normal you are weird, so in order to be normal you must be weird, which makes you normal all over again. Which is weird. It is a perpetual cycle.

What is normal: Normal exists only as a setting on dryers and washing machines, the setting that makes everything fade away and wear out. normal is a really sucky setting.

What is normal: Normal is anything that doesn’t involve chickens or latex unless you’re into that sort of thing then the chickens and latex would be quite normal but hamsters would be way out unless you were into that sort of thing then maybe those would be normal and chopsticks would be beyond reproach unless you were into that sort of thing. Normal people do not insert gerbils.


What is Abnormal Psychology defines abnormal typically in the realms of abnormal behaviour. There are three main criteria that are used in defining what is abnormal.

They are:

  1. The behaviour poses a risk to either themselves/others.
  2. The person exhibiting the behaviour is distressed by it.
  3. It is statistically deviant.

Beating a pan over your head and talking to invisible blue dinosaurs while dressed as Batman is abnormal.

John didn’t want to use his sneakers to go to work. Instead he applied blonde hair spray and went to his job shirtless and wearing flip flops is abnormal

Khloe. If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be xx