Escort Khloe Northampton Naughty Santa
Naughty Santa

Merry Christmas Gays and Gals hope it is as good one that we can possibly make it. No matter what I always look forward to Christmas. Naughty songs at Christmas by some famous stars, look them up they are rude and dirty just how you like them. (No worse than rugby songs)!!

I've got some presents for Santa and he's got a big one for me Outside, it snows I take off all my clothes and wait for Santa underneath my tree." Santa squeezing into my "hot chimney," Where it's oh so warm and tight" and arguably climaxing (no pun intended) with "Santa Claus takes a pause from his long night of delivering. His big "North Pole" can sure get cold, his jolly butt's all shivering Santa Claus got stuck in my chimney When he came last year." But you really only have your mind being in the gutter to blame, since the song's intention seems innocent enough.

Now Mama's in the kitchen cookin' and the children are fast asleep It's time for old Santa Claus to make his midnight creep 'because Santa Claus wants some lovin.'"

"I'll slide down your chimney and bring you lots of joy What I've got for you Mama It ain't just a toy." Imagine Mrs. Thomas' disappointment when it isn't the new Lexus Rufus long promised her, but rather just his genital

KHLOE: Hurrah I made Santas naughty list I await his visit I love rummaging in his sack and to see what comes out!! X