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Pin up Girls

Hi all you lads and lasses who like the pin up girls!!  Hope you are all staying safe so we can all have fun once again.

I was invited  to go with a companion of mine (client) to a fancy dress ball but the ladies (ME) had to dress as a pin up girl and I was happy to oblige. 

Pin Up girl is an old fashioned word for sexy lady, sassy and sensual girl

The better example is Bettie Page.  An antiquated term for sexually exciting (though often not explicit) material, such as a smiling attractive caucasian women looking back and slightly bent over, or lying back with an arched back.   The acme of the era of pin ups was the American GI during the war 

A pin up is exactly that – a photo of a sexy lady that you pin up on your wall. There’s a whole lot of sex appeal around pin ups, for obvious reasons.   Pin up tattoos are popular with both men and women.  Aside from that, pin ups are, at their core, images of beautiful women, and that’s something that will always be desirable.

You don’t have to cut out a picture from a magazine and pin it on your wall anymore – you can get the artwork inked right onto your body! And it’s an extremely popular tattoo design. Just like soldiers who used to paint pin up images onto the nose of their planes, men are painting these images onto their bodies. Pin ups are far from outdated.

Bombshell pinup This is the pin up that you’re used to seeing. These are women with curves, red lips, risque clothing, and sexy poses. 

A classic pin up would be an illustration.  These are the original pin up images, with no actual nudity, and often cheeky poses. These ladies are usually trying and failing to complete household tasks, but something goes wrong in an adorably sexy way.

Khloe. A girl knows her limits but a wise girl knows she has none I know right from wrong, wrong is the fun one. Xx