Escort Khloe Northampton Secretarial skills
Secretarial skills

Welcome once again I hope you are finding my Blogs interesting I certainly enjoy writing them for you but first a little snippet from a magazine I was reading.

Once upon a time, women wore panties that actually covered their rears. I know, it’s shocking, isn’t it?

Just imagine: A woman clad in underwear that didn’t immediately reveal the whole of her derrière. Under clothes, these generous underthings created panty lines that subtly hinted at what was below. It was a time of restraint and suggestion—the good old days!

Now Back to the story

No self respecting Sexy Secretary would be seen without wearing hers ???

Of course, her glasses they convey intelligence, and intelligent women are especially hot, but their appeal goes beyond that. Whether I wear a pair of oversize black rims or cat-eyed sexy secretary specs, my glasses provide intrigue. Am I a buttoned-up nerd who needs to let my hair down? A stuffy intellectual wanting to escape the confines of my brain? Clark Kent became Superman when he took off his glasses who do I transfer into when I take mine off. You will have to visit me to find out. I find men get really turned on with the Secretary role play and I enjoy it too, especially taking down the credentials. No self respecting Secretary would not like to sit on the bosses knee and talk about the first thing that comes up

Khloe: Let me take down your credentials here’s to looking at them. I don’tjust have sex appeal I have specs appeal too xxx