Escort Khloe Northampton Sex on the beach
Sex on the beach

Hi Guys its been so hot and some beaches have been to crowded for a bit of the other no harm in trying I am sure there are some secluded coves around you can have some fun times in, so get your cossie out and go go go.

Sex on the beach is more than just a delicious tropical drink it’s a total fantasy, until you wake up with enough sand in your pants to make a pearl.

It usually ends up being an idea that seemed totally brilliant until it wasn’t and you’re left with itchy places, a chafed back, a few rogue seashells and probably a hangover, too.

Sex on the beach can be beautiful when you stick to a few ground rules Don’t get caught. Don’t do it on a public beach where you might scar children for life, or get arrested. Don’t do it directly on the sand, and don’t forget to rinse off when you’re done. Finally, do at it at your own risk.


Consider this bedroom favorite a classic beach sex move for beginners. Doggy style beach sex covers all the bases It keeps your lady business out of the sand, it can be discreet when you keep some clothing on and it taps into your hottest voyeur fantasies when you do it in a public place. If you’re getting it on in a secluded part of the beach, doggy style is the perfect way to get into a feelgood position that you can modify with a pelvic tilt so sand doesn’t go where the sun doesn’t shine, so to speak ![](Redirect%20Notice.jpeg)


This smokin’ beach sex move has Wild Things written all over it. And if you’re worried about getting caught with your pants down on a public beach, this option is even better. Once everyone has gone home for the day, He can hold you by the butt, and you can easily place him inside of you, and it can be done with a bathing suit on, Just slip it to the side or take the bottoms off, and make sure that it is a calm water day (not too many waves)