Escort Khloe Northampton Sparkling Balls
Sparkling Balls

Only 2  weeks and a half to go,  for we hope a Merry Christmas and to all you randy lot hope you all have a happy horny time don’t over roast the chestnuts and look after your sparkly balls. Try not to gobble the turkey!!

I love Xmas and I like to sparkle

I associate Christmas with fun and frolics and who is not up for that too! And since I totally believe that hot and holy can go together come on down when I get down on my knees it is not to pray.  I think Christmas is a great time to let your hair down and enjoy.

There aren’t as many other commitments after December 20. Things shut down for two weeks,  I don’t because for many men, all they want for Christmas really IS you or me or us.

So let’s inject “sexy” into the season! wear some Christmas Lingerie you can get to make the boys stare.  I will gladly wear my Santa outfit and you can fill my stockings with nuts assorted and not too salty of course.

We will have a ton of fun I look forward to sexy xmas stocking stuffers. All gifts gratefully accepted big or small.

Khloe Dear Santa I want to let you know I have been naughty and it was worth it xx