Escort Khloe Northampton Spring Feaver or Beaver Fever
Spring Feaver or Beaver Fever

HI Sun Worshipers hope you enjoyed the sunshine but how quickly it changes to rain , it is as if that sunshine never happened but those who did not take care of their skin and suffered sun burn know that it really really did happen.

When the weather is hot apparently men feel sexier than usual (really)!! I thought most men feel or want sex all the time.

Midway through June, it's become apparent that it's more than just the weather that's hot right now.

Everywhere you look, love (or at least lust) is in the air, percolating between sun-kissed lovers in tank tops and pre-distressed shorts.

There's a tangible sense of energy in the air, and for a lot of us, it's coming across as arousal. There's something about the inescapable heat and endless daylight that makes us want to fuck, but that feeling is more than just an illusion.

People really do get hornier in the summer. Even when the rampant swamp ass and mosquito bites should make people less attractive, some ironic force and unseen chemical reaction conspire to make them the opposite: purely and eminently fuckable.

Spring fever also a subtle, non-offensive way of suggesting that someone is horny.

Beaver Fever the over powering desire to pursue women for sex

Jim has the beaver fever this is the third time tonight he has had sex (I feel sorry for the beaver)!!

Khloe: Get ready for some spring rolls in the kitchen and beaver in the boudoir xx