Escort Khloe Northampton Take a walk on the wild side
Take a walk on the wild side

Hi Fans hope it’s not cold or too hot wherever you may be in this country of ours. I decided to buy a new coat for the cold weather coming.

A few weeks ago I went shopping with my friend and I spotted a Leopard print coat in the shop window, jotted down in my mind I want this coat, I will come back another time when I and my friend had more time for trying things on, as we had spent three hours shopping and two eating and drinking coffee.

The following week I gathered my bag and my money. coat on and off I went to buy the coat I had been dreaming about, we do that don’t we? imagine how we would look in some items of clothing we have seen makes us want it more. When I arrived at the shop it was closed due to an electrical fault, by this time I had to have this coat.

Take a walk on the wild side

As the journey to the shop was quite a way I rang the said shop, I asked the lady if she could check the sizes of the coat before I made the time consuming journey to the shop, she came back and said she had all sizes, great I thought lets go get the coat. I arrived excitedly to the shop and made my way to THE COAT!! Guess what, she lied none left in my size I was so disappointed drowned my sorrows in a double espresso and had my hair done.

The moral of this story is see it like it get it while you can. Khloe Now you will never know what I would have been wearing under that sexy Leopard print coat xx