Escort Khloe Northampton Tea for Two
Tea for Two

Hi fans of all sexes hope life is treating you well and you are at least trying to behave although that is boring at times, come and visit me I assure you our time together will not be boring, I am always open to suggestions.

I have a friend (female) who was feeling rather down so I suggested an afternoon Tea in a nice up market hotel Where else would you go?

We arrived at the Elms Hotel and Spa all dressed in our finery and even if I say it myself we looked hot in a classy sophisticated way. We ordered our afternoon tea and we were being eyed up by a rather good looking older gentleman. While we sat chatting a waiter brought us two glasses of champagne as I do not drink, my friend was more than willing to drink both (I swapped it for one of her cakes).

The gentleman made his way over to us and chatted (polite conversation) he seemed to fancy my friend as she is very sexy with a great personality a bit like me!! I made my way to the ladies for a bit of a touch up no not that kind naughty naughty (make up lipstick etc). On my return my friend now ex friend had gone and so had the gentleman, she left me a note she had gone to his room and left his room number if I wanted to join them, by this time I was so full of cake I could hardly move so I gave it a miss. If there is a next time I will go easy on the cake and choose the crumpet!!

Khloe: Fancy some crumpet you know where I am xxx