Escort Khloe Northampton The light has to be right
The light has to be right

Hi Guys  hope all you ravers are staying safe and not getting too stressed  if so come along for my special massage and turn the frown upside down. 

When rubbing something (mostly a man) for pleasure. This can either be a full body massage or just a massage Can also be used as a form of sex actually mostly used for this purpose.  I found these fabulous candles I do like candles they give of a seductive glow and these candles are very seductive 


A device that creates dim lighting. Every man owns exactly one, which he lights when he's trying to get a woman to have sex with him.

Just don't store the condoms near the candle.

Full body massage

I want and like to give my clients a full body massage. If they are feeling tense and the back is tight call me come over and I will give you a Khloe special  Full Body Massage you will not forget.

Firstly when you get here and are lying face down on the bed with your clothes off. I will put oil on your back and start to massage and push down and rub at the same time I would just rub and rub until you groan then I would rub your ass as I tickle your nipples. Secondly I would go to that perfect lower regions (penis) area and start squeezing just the way you like it I like it too. We all love a happy ending !!

Khloe Oils and potions optional but I am not. Candles use your imagination.