Escort Khloe Northampton Waterproof Sheet
Waterproof Sheet

Hi Friends and companions how is it going, hope you are having fun. We all have our ups and downs but life goes on and on and on I enjoy every minute. I was reminiscing the other day regarding a client, when I first became a companion/escort I was called out to a house for some fun (I call it fun).

When they answered the door I was met by a rather portly older man who was very polite and in my mind seemed rather shy.

I was shown upstairs to a bedroom and on the floor was Waterproof sheet, was I confused YES as I was still a bit naive at that time. You have probably guessed he wanted a golden shower, wish I had known as I should have drank a lot more water this was the first time for me. I stood over him and peed on his face that is what he wanted and boy did he get it, I was pissing like a camel and that is a lot of urine.

Golden shower or water sports associates sexual excitement with the sight or thought of urine and may also refer to such behaviours or acts. It is is slang for the practice of urinating on another person for sexual pleasure.

Khloe: If you like to have pee come and see me. No camels allowed xx