Escort Khloe Northampton We all love a quickie
We all love a quickie

I love to look good for my clients and I am sure they appreciate that (I hope) even if their main reason for seeing me is to get my clothes off, therefore no top show we like to look good in our underwear too. Always take care of how we look when going shopping standards matter its called taking pride in yourself.

Although there’s nothing quite like having sex with skin-to-skin contact, sometimes certain circumstances call for keeping your clothes on during sex. Having a quickie is one such example, as is having sex in an elevator, in a bar bathroom, in a restaurant coat closet, the car, in an alley way on the way home from a bar ― you know, basically any and all public sex places. As much as you may want to strip down to your bare ass for elevator sex, it’s rarely a good idea.


  • A sexual activity done in a quick, orderly fashion as to not spoil the moment.

There are times when a client just wants a quickie and I do not have to take of that beautiful dress I recommend Doggie

Khloe I love having sex so lets not waste time