Escort Khloe Northampton Xmas start it with a bang!
Xmas start it with a bang!

Guys and Gals are you all ready for Christmas? I have managed to be prepared this year under the circumstances so lets all pull a cracker on Christmas Day so it starts the day with a bang!!

ne Christmas time I was eating with some friends at a steakhouse in the mall. We got a bit tipsy and my friend decided, just as a joke, to go sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what we wanted for Christmas. It was such a thrill. I honestly wasn’t prepared for it. I remember she was tugging his beard a bit, realizing with awe that it was real. He was flustered because I think he could tell we were too into it. He asked me, all innocently: so what does the young lady want for Christmas? It was terrible, I gave him this hot whisper, straight into his ear. I told him: “you, Mr. Claus. I want you.” My girlfriends thought it was hilarious

Nobody knows about my Santa Fetish friend and I intend to keep it that way. My friend usually visits me and brings Christmas gifts (love Christmas! Gifts) perfume lingerie. To me Santa’s always been a big burly bear, a kind of paternal figure with his glowing cheeks and long white beard. This is a turn on for my friend. My special friend loves role-playing., he calls it our Reindeer Games. He’s got this authentic fur-lined, red suit, a big bag he lugs around and these little glasses he squints through. He likes to pretend that he’s just come in through the chimney (hehe). I’m always a naughty girl and he knows just how to punish me. Let’s just say, without being too descriptive, that there’s lots of lap-sitting. My St. Nick might be jolly, but he doesn’t like to be treated with cookies and milk, that’s for sure.

Khloe I am soooo good Santa came twice, know what I mean!! Xx